8 delicious recipes with pomegranate

In today’s post we want to tell you about the pomegranate, fruit characteristic of autumn, and teach you how to make a multitude of recipes with pomegranate at home. The pomegranate is one of the star fruits of autumn, and is obtained from the pomegranate (Punica granatum). This tree is native to the regions that extend between Iran and India. It is grown in tropical and temperate climates, as in the Mediterranean area. This fruit is part of myths and legends of various cultures and religions. For example, in China they have a tradition of delivering a grenade to newlyweds as a symbol of prosperity. Meanwhile, in Jewish culture it is a symbol of stability, in Christian symbols it is related to fertility, and for Muslims it was considered a medicinal fruit.

It is characterized by its taste and appearance, slightly larger than an apple. The highlight of the pomegranate is its red color, both inside and outside. Inside, the seeds are covered by a juicy pulp with a bittersweet flavor.

Source: nutricionycocina.es

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