We Are a Team

Sabia was established on 2016

Sabia® promotes a healthy life style and focuses on “conscious gastronomy”.

We are a team dedicated to enhancing you lifestyle with mindful meals for body and soul. We have carefully designed our fresh, daily-delivered plates with strong focus on your individual nutritional needs. With our Sabia team by your side, the process of achieving your personal goals has never been more convenient, affordable and savory.

Who we are?

We are a group of professionals excited to build a better world. We focus on producing healthy, functional, practical and convenient foods. We specialize in designing food solutions that meet people’s aspirations and needs for nutrition, health and well-being.

Our service promise is backed by the expertise of our Senior Master Chef with over 30 years of experience, certified nutritionists specialized in functional eating and a service group who love people and want to provide memorable service.

Our staff is a multidisciplinary team that every day focuses their attention on giving their best to provide a service of excellence; take care of and facilitate people’s lives and support their well-being.

Our service is comprehensive and seeks to help strengthen the health, well-being and happiness of people.

Our Sabia brand®

We produce and distribute healthy meals in Miami-Dade for more than five years and we are working hard to improve and create the best possible experience for those who trust us.


We are a small company but we are big at doing the right thing. We are agents of change to create awareness: awareness to take care of ourselves and others, aware ness of the importance of nutrition, awareness to protect our country, awareness to protect the Earth’s biosphere, awareness to create awareness.

As a conscious company we have the purpose of providing a contribution to society and we want to form a network of cooperators who benefit from our responsible action.

More than anything in the world we care about good people, good ideas and good actions.


We promote a culture of self-care and fostering healthy lifestyles.

We provide our aid workers and / or customers with tools that allow them to acquire proper eating habits and be well informed about their diet.

We work on the nutritional profile of our products considering the nutrient balance to contribute to a healthy diet and provide adequate and understandable information about the products and nutrition. This work focuses on aspects such as sodium reduction, saturated fats, trans fats, sugar, among others.

Teaching what a label includes and the information it contains about safety, food portions, and nutritional content can help make health-related food decisions.

Healthy lifestyles

We promote healthy lifestyles through our products and services strengthened with messages and publications to teach and accompany the consumer in the adoption of a healthy lifestyle.

Our vision is to provide quality of life to consumers through products that meet their needs for well-being, nutrition and pleasure. Convinced of the fundamental role of food producing companies in the health and well-being of society. We take care of knowing and understanding the nutritional needs.

Our promotion of healthy lifestyles and leading a conscious life that includes physical activity, balanced eating, sleeping well, sharing with the family and enjoying the outdoors.