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10 meals per week: Daily delivery.
5 meals per week: Delivery Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

By checking out, you agree that this is a subscription plan. You must place your orders 36 hours before delivery. Your account will be a rolling contract that will automatically renew unless you contact us 36 hours before renewal to cancel via e-mail at or WhatsApp at 305 562 1416. Billing takes place each Friday, before the upcoming week of delivery. There are no refunds or returns allowed. All cancellations must be made two days before the renewal period. If a cancellation needs to be made after the renewal period, credits will be applied to your Sabia account only if meals have not been prepared yet. Changes to meal plans may be made; however, will not take effect until the next billing date. Any discount coupon applies over regular price of $14.97 per regular size meal or $16.47 per plus size meal

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Hey! Have some questions? We can help.
Hey! Have some questions? We can help.